passive income

PAMM system

My account is now connected to the PAMM system, where profits are distributed among investors, partners and trader.

Verified broker

When it comes to investments, I prioritize reliability and use only a broker that has been proven by many years of experience.

Profitable system

LUX trading system has been showing stable high profitability since 2019. An excellent option for a profitable investment.


Passive income and stable profit without trading participation. 

LUX trading system and my management show the best synergy with the highest profit. 

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There are several simple and quick steps divide you from a stable consistent passive income and a great opportunity to cooperate with the best trading strategy and professional traders team LUX

How investing works?

The investing system in a trading account works the same way as any investment with dividends. Investors deposit funds and these are their share in the trading account. Investors receive profit according to their shares in case of positive trades. The share of investors grows due to the compound interest with each trading period.

Your earnings depend on the size of your share in this business. If you want to make the most of your profits, then you can invest more and take the lead among investors.

The return on investment is higher than in any other business project. The full 100% payback period with a profitability of 7-10% will be 14-15 months.

My trading results to assess and calculate the possible benefits.

How much can I earn?

How much can I invest?

You can deposit any amount more than or equal to the minimum deposit amount of $3 000

The detailed steps on this page: for-investors

Register your client area in the broker system and complete verification and personal account deposit. Then, go to PAMM service page and choose my account #380508 on the rating page by clicking “invest”.

How to get started?

How will I get profit?

several steps to get your funds from the account.

  1. send a request for PAMM withdrawal
  2. wait for the trading period end and receive your funds on internal account
  3. withdraw to your card, bank, ect.