LUX trading system description
trading plan and entry data


LUX trading strategy includes 3 milestones that is a system base. 

Market watch

Market analysis on several currency pairs and monitoring of possible options and calculation of perceived risks.

Risk evaluation

Risk monitoring and determination of the safest and the most profitable trading scenarios according to the RRR condition.

Trading operation

Start the trading process when full conditions fit the established parameters of market analysis and risk reward ratio.

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Trend theory


RRR algorithm

The analytical part is based on the trend theory and key technical levels, indicators MACD and EMA. The risk management strategy is based on gain/loss ratio of 3/1. At the same time, LUX uses an algorithm for analyzing and calculating possible scenarios and risk associated with them.  It provides the control over the market situation and the maximum benefit from each trading position. 


Key levels



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I trade on a daily and 4 hours time frame. The calculation of the positions volume is processing according to the LUX algorithm, which takes into account market volatility and analysis of possible scenarios. The volume of positions will vary depending on the account balance. I use diversification and can open several positions for different instruments. However, the lot size shouldn't exceed the allowable size, which is set according to the LUX system parameters.

Risk management is a fundamental requirement for trading. The basis for these requirements is to prevent and reduce potential losses and get the most out of profitable positions.
I define the possible risk that can be accepted and set a limit that I will not overstep in the event of a loss. Also, the exit points are calculated according to the market conditions and the maximum profit that can be obtained without exceeding the risk limit. The start position of gain/loss is 3/1

All withdrawals or deposits of the PAMM account from my side are fully provided for and correspond to the trading strategy. After each balance change initiated by investors, I adjust my trading system in accordance with the current conditions. 


There are several simple and quick steps divide you from a stable consistent passive income and a great opportunity to cooperate with the best trading strategy and professional traders team LUX