What if Euro Dollar sell is still possible plan?

EUR/USD Talks August 26

The growth of the Euro Dollar still continued and I believe that it is too early to consider the downtrend broken. There is a possibility that the scenario of the fall continuation within the current trend will be fulfilled. Now the price is at a key level, which does not allow it to grow further, despite the fact that the EMA100 has already been broken. The MACD signal was close to becoming bearish and the resistance level of 1.1800 is still ahead. The RSI is not yet showing aggressive overbought, although it is above the middle. Therefore, I have to conclude the fact that selling now or after testing 1.1800 is my target. I will follow the market further and as soon as the fall scenario is confirmed I will go short.
Support at 1.1730 and 1.1665 will be key exit levels.
If the trend breaks through and 1.1800 takes place, then indeed, I will consider the option to buy in order to close the profit at 1.1890.