My message of the last month in 2021

My trading results, my goals, my mistakes and conclusions.

Trading in November showed my inaccuracies in the system and the win/loss rate is 57%. The Nov month profitability is 6.55%, which does not meet my monthly goal. I have already analysed and processed my mistakes in setting take profit, assessing possible risks, indicators data, etc. Read my blog (Profit/Loss analysis) to know more about trading history analysis.
Remember, post-trade analysis is just as important as before and during.

Now, I’m ready for the new month and the end of 2021.
Incidentally, I set a 2021 trading target of 150.00% and pointed to myfxbook. At the moment, I have reached 141.17% and I have one month to get to 150%

I’m sure I will make the end of the year really successful and show a result that will be an excellent motivation for me and the investors.