Euro Franc the end of the correction

euro franc June 26

Trading Talks EUR/CHF June 26

Euro Franc, as I said earlier in my analysis, is in a downtrend, which can be seen on the Daily or even the Weekly chart. This fact meant that the fall was inevitable immediately after the completion of the temporary local uptrend, which is just a correction.
Now, when the corrective trend is broken, there is a clear falling trend. The first key level was 1.010, which was not broken, but will be reached again soon (in my opinion). If the fall continues and does not start a long correction, then the next mark will be already 1.00, or even below this psychologically important level, around 0.9970.
On the 4-hour chart, I see a potential MACD signal to continue moving down, also, I want to note that all possible EMAs will exert pressure, being above the price.