Euro Dollar has reached its destination 1.0000

Euro Dollar has reached its destination 1.000

EUR/USD trading talks August 31

The growth within the corrective channel continued on the Euro/Dollar and now the currency pair is again at the key point when the EMA 100 level should be passed on the four-hour chart to try crawling higher, or return to the lows around 1.0000.
There are no clear crossings on the MACD yet, while the four-hour indicator shows convergence. Moreover, on the long-term daily chart, I see divergence and fairly confident indicators for crossing the signal line as a growth marker.
If the 1.00630 EMA 100 level on the 4-hour chart is broken in the short term, the next key level will be 1.01275. There was no confirmed breakout of any resistance level at the moment and I am leaning towards an option that provides for short-term consolidation near 1.00630.