Euro Dollar brief analysis

EUR/USD trading talks October 17

The Euro/Dollar has broken through the EMA 100 on the 4-hour chart and is moving towards the key 0.98100 level. I will keep an eye on these markers and if they are confidently broken, then I will consider the prospect of growth to EMA 200 on the four-hour chart 0.98550.
If the current rise is a false breakout of EMA 100, then the decline will probably be next to 0.97500, but will not cancel the option of further growth. It is important to note that the recent rise with a top in October was the beginning of a correction, which can now continue and form either an upward corrective trend channel or a narrowing corrective pattern.
Also of interest is the Euro Japanese Yen, where the price hit a September daily high of 145.630, which appears as a growth marker as a key resistance on the daily chart. There are also a MACD growth signal.

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