Euro Dollar has not changed much this week

The situation on the Euro Dollar has not changed much this week.

EUR/USD trading talks November 22

The situation on the Euro Dollar has not changed much this week. The currency pair began to fluctuate around the support level of 1.02740, going beyond the boundaries of the uptrend that has been formed since the beginning of November.
At the same time, the MACD hints at a further fall on the four hour chart, turning into negative values. On the daily MACD, a convergence of the signal line is noticeable, and further it can be crossed as a marker of a decline. If these preliminary signals are confirmed by an additional breakout of support 1.02250, then as a result, the fall may reach the area of 1.01700 (EMA 100 on the four-hour chart) and 1.01100, which corresponds to EMA 100 on the daily time-frame.
In order to see the short-term signal more , I suggest looking at the hourly chart, where the EMA 100 and EMA 200 lines are right around the current market fluctuations. Thus, breaking through 1.02600 ЕМА 200 will be a marker for further fall to 1.02250.
The resistance level 1.02950 ЕМА 100 hourly will put pressure on the price, but it remains a marker and a key one. At this stage, I do not exclude the possibility of triangle correction formation, and then reaching 1.03900 Daily EMA 200 will be very possible.

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