EUR/USD reached key pattern support

EUR/USD reached key support for a possible fall continuation

EUR/USD trading talks March 09

Euro/Dollar fell again to the key support area, 1.05300, where the daily EMA 200 (1.05370) and EMA 100 (1.05540) lines are located.
The key level 1.05300 passing will be considered as a signal for further decline and the possible formation of a head and shoulders pattern.
The current short-term growth does not yet cancel the option of falling below 1.05300 and I believe that this movement is within the correction. EMA 100 and EMA 200 lines on the hourly chart (1.05900 and 1.06050) and the four-hour chart (1.06400 and 1.06650) will influence the possible growth, so I suppose EUR/USD will not be able to start an impulse now that could push the price out of the correction channel, above 1.06900. However, I am monitoring the situation and I am ready to use the opportunities to open trades that the market will provide.

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