Opinion: Why do I manage a PAMM account?

The fund manager's way

A trader with a profitable trading system has several options for growth.

  1. Independent trading and own investment in own project.
  2. Sell the trading system and provide a copy trading.
  3. Start attracting investors using a share distribution system e.g. PAMM. It is like dividends to the shareholders.
  4. Manage the investor’s account by personal agreement.

I have traded on my own for many years, starting in 2012. And for now my account includes $ 815,736.98 of my own funds (the largest share). But any business requires an investment base in order to expand the range of abilities. I realized that I can get much more profit by attracting investors who will be interested in taking part in my account.

I receive many emails with offers to manage personal accounts. But this type of management does not suit me, because I do not want to manage someone else’s account, I want to be the main investor. Private investors provide good conditions, but most often in those brokers that they like, but do not always meet my requirements.

The most suitable option for me is a PAMM account. The account includes the largest share of my funds, while investors can join and participate in trading with their funds and make a profit. The easy automatic profit sharing system helps me stay focused on trading.

For a period of 300 days of PAMM system participation, I received funds from 43 investors with a total investment of $ 664 260.21 at the moment, and this number is steadily growing.