Let’s talk about consistency

Probably the most frequently mentioned parameter of a good trading account is consistency. This concept is quite broad and can include various secondary parameters. But basically, it means the ability of the account to bring stable results. Trading stability can be evaluated using a simple trading history and plotting profit versus time. It is also… Continue reading Let’s talk about consistency

Who is investing in LUX for?

The reason why you should invest in LUX PAMM. I know that many investors and traders go through a phase of doubt before investing, I also experienced this early in my career. The purpose of this post is to show your strengths and prove that the right investment will make you even stronger and more… Continue reading Who is investing in LUX for?

How to choose an investment project

Follow the DIRECT principles to get the best investment solution. I would like to reveal a topic that concerns everyone who reads me, and will also definitely concern if you found this post on the Internet. I would like to share my thoughts on what are the important factors to consider when choosing an investment… Continue reading How to choose an investment project

Why is passive income getting popular?

The truth about investing as it is: Why is investing and passive income gaining popularity? These words are more for those who don’t yet know about the wonderful aspects that make passive income so popular, for those who are not yet involved in it or have experience in startups that have unfortunately failed. I’m interested… Continue reading Why is passive income getting popular?

The truth about investing as it is

The truth about investing as it is: For most forex traders and investors, an average monthly return of 5% is an acceptable option for passive income, where you can afford to withdraw some of the profits and accumulate compound interest. The math is that if you invest $10,000 in a fund with a 5% return,… Continue reading The truth about investing as it is

Will the 160% target for this year be reached?

Do you think the 160% target for this year will be reached? At this stage and professionalism level, I’m not trying to build illusions or give false hope to investors, I’m just providing the facts: The average monthly profitability is 9.1% The profitability this year (January to September) is 120% It’s the beginning of September… Continue reading Will the 160% target for this year be reached?

Information for partners

LUX PAMM partnership offer Intro This is an introductory post for those who are interested in partnership and attracting investors for a reward, and it will also be useful for those who have already started attracting investments and would like to delve deeper into this process. Main points What does partnership mean? What should a… Continue reading Information for partners

How to calculate monthly profit

How to calculate your monthly profit in LUX PAMM account: Get information about the average monthly return. – you can find “Monthly” on myfxbook – on my website page find “Monthly return” – Calculate on your own using trade data. (For example, now this value is 9.16%) Calculate the approximate profitability for the first trading… Continue reading How to calculate monthly profit

How to achieve results?

How to achieve results? In 2022, the average monthly profitability I got is 10% (Myfxbook). This is the result of working on the trading system bugs and fixing them. This is the result of many hours of brainstorming and hard work. This is the trading result that, as you can see, can be achieved on… Continue reading How to achieve results?

LUX opinion: Passive income

Passive income importance Passive income is an important aspect of financial stability, which allows you to significantly expand the range of financial opportunities.Passive income must be justified and have a good payback so that you can use the profits to increase this passive income. Thus, we can say that your money will start to earn… Continue reading LUX opinion: Passive income