Information for partners

LUX PAMM partnership offer


This is an introductory post for those who are interested in partnership and attracting investors for a reward, and it will also be useful for those who have already started attracting investments and would like to delve deeper into this process.

Main points


What does partnership mean?

In this case, the partnership means providing me with services to attract investors to the PAMM account, which I manage for a certain percentage of my remuneration, which I receive from attracted investors. The starting* reward at the moment is 14% of my profit share 30% from investors who was attracted by the partner.
At first sight, it may seem confusing, but when we move on to the calculation part, everything will become clear.

* Partners reward can be increased in case of huge activity.


What should a partner do?

It would be too easy to answer “attract investors in all available ways“, but this very well reveals the essence of the process. If you have marketing skills and good communication with people, then I think you understand what needs to be done. Due to the fact that my opinion can set a subconscious framework, I will not write about what exactly needs to be done. I will only say that your passive income depends only on your efforts, and the more investments you attract, the greater your profit will be, which I will pay you.


Mathematical part

I propose to consider an example with the most convenient numbers for calculations, the calculation will be for a 14-day trading period.

Let’s take these numbers:
You attracted a number of investors and they invested a total of $100,000 in my PAMM account.
That is, at the beginning of the trading period, the total amount of funds owned by the investors attracted by you is $ 100,000.
My trading system returns so far averaged 9.12% per month, but I suggest taking 10% per month and since the calculation will be for a 14 day trading period, simply divide 10 by 2 to get a 5% profit in 14 days.
Thus, after a simple calculation, the total profit that investors earned is 5% of $100,000, equals $5,000. But what about the trader’s share, you probably already remembered? That’s right, now investors automatically transfer me 30% of their profits, that’s 30% of $5,000 equals $1,500. Then, I (also automatically) pay the 14% share to you (partner), this is 14% of $1,500 equals $210.

Thus, if you raised $100,000, so in 14 days you can receive profit $ 210 (per trading period). If you take into account compound interest, and calculate the monthly profit, you get from** $ 430 per month.

** calculated for 10% per month. Also, after each trading period, the profit will increase due to the accumulation of compound interest.


How to start?

In order to become a partner, you need to complete a few simple procedures. First you need to register in your personal account with the broker I use
After that, you will be prompted to verify, please do so.
Next, open the PAMM rating and choose a nickname and a picture for your account there.
Then, follow partnership page there and pass the registration of partner account.
You will be provided with the personal link request called referral number. Use this link to connect your attracted investors to your partner account (this is important for correct profit distribution).


The conclusion will be a very simple message. Work harder so you don’t have to work when your passive income investments do it for you.