July conclusion and results calculation

LUX trading system July results myfxbook

Monthly trading results calculation for July

July showed me some important points to work on and I will make a post about it at the beginning of August, because post-trading analysis is very important for me and is a base process in improving a trading system. Well, now we need to take a deep breath and calmly let the trading month end.
The July result is 7.8%, which is certainly a natural recession after a long three-month period with an average profitability of 13%. However, this month I have broken the profit per trade record 2 times. I wrote about in this post.
The second record trade was Euro Dollar with a profit of $357,050.00, which increased the account by 10.74%, thus entering the top 6 trades with the largest percentage of growth.
The month was not easy, but nevertheless, profitable.

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