Update of the profit per trade high

This week I updated the maximum profit per trade again.

EUR/USD trade July 15 - 18, the record profit amount per one trade.

This week I updated the maximum profit per trade.
The Euro Dollar trade with a profit of $ 357,050.00 was closed on Monday after waiting since Friday.
According to my analysis (here), which preceded this trade, I expected that the EUR/USD would move within the levels of 1.000 and 1.0130. I did not believe that growth could be so strong and I paid for the mistake of analysis, losing additional profit.
I opened a trade at 1.0066 and according to the plan, I was going to hold the position until reaching the level of 1.01300, which is the EMA 200 on the hourly chart. When the market reached this level on Monday, I paused to take the maximum amount of profit and when there were signals for a fall, I closed the trade at a price of 1.01398, which is certainly better than planned, but much worse than the current values of 1.0220.
However, LUX trading system continues to make profit and I am working on improving my performance every day, so I am confidently striving for perfection.

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