Historic fall of the Euro Dollar pair

Historic fall of Euro Dollar currency pair

Trading Talks EUR/USD July 15

The recent fall of the Euro Dollar was historic as it hit 20 year old values. Further trading in this currency pair will be centered around the strong key 1.00 level.
Even though the fall has formed a clear divergence in the 4-hour MACD, I believe there is still a danger of short-term drops around the 1.00 level.
The 30-minute chart shows that the EMA 200 has been successfully passed and the nearest resistance that will prevent growth is the EMA 200 on the hourly chart, at the level of 1.01300.
Since the 2017 level of 1.0310 is still quite far away, I will consider trading this currency within the movement between 1.01300 and 1.000 (with a probably breakdown to the July 14 low)