How to achieve results?

How to achieve results?

In 2022, the average monthly profitability I got is 10% (Myfxbook). This is the result of working on the trading system bugs and fixing them. This is the result of many hours of brainstorming and hard work. This is the trading result that, as you can see, can be achieved on Forex.

So how can you get your results?

When you have set a goal, and determined the importance of achieving it, a number of very important questions arise before you.


1. Emotional background.
The moment you want to achieve a goal, you are inspired. Your inspiration allows you to make big plans, hope and strive for the best. But it will weaken in some time, so what then? Weak people give up and stop striving for a goal. After a brief start, their aspiration fades and the target sinks into the depths of dreams.
In order to pull yourself together, you need to keep going towards the goal. It sounds trite, but it is very important not to stop. Even when you are not in the mood, you need to complete at least a small, insignificant task in order to maintain the habit of going to the goal.

2. Motivation
It is something that will push you forward along the way. Motivation is the fuel that starts your engine.
Find motivation and acknowledge it. It’s very important here. You need to recognize and accept it. Why? because motivation can be completely different, from abstract financial independence to a very specific psychological trauma. It may be a thirst for respect from colleagues, or maybe revenge. I’m not going to say that it’s bad, just deal with it yourself. I will say that only a strong and recognized motivation will lead you to the goal.

3. Reward
Achieving a goal is certainly a powerful reward, especially if you are completely getting what you want. But it’s also important to reward yourself along the way. Find something that is most associated with reward for you and make gifts for yourself in the literal sense. If it’s delicious food, go for it! Or it’s new stuff, that’s great too!

And remember that if you have clearly formulated your goal, then you are already halfway there.