A professional trader must have own capital.

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LUX opinion about fund manger's investments

At the current stage of technology development and its accessibility, it allows almost any person with the Internet and a PC (any device) to start trading, while having a minimum capital, such as cent accounts. Unfortunately, in most cases, this also does not require traders to have enough knowledge and competence to start trading. But I will talk specifically about the financial component.
So, trading is not a VIP zone for privileged people, but an opportunity to make money available to everyone. Of course, many traders have the support of investors at the initial stage, which pick out them from traders who rise with minimal investment and look for partners after their formation. But a common feature that, in my opinion, should be basic to all professional traders working with investor funds is their own investment in trading.
It is quite possible that the managed account consists of 100% of investor funds. These are common conditions for individual management and it will only work if the trader has experience in trading and making money with own investments. I came to this conclusion after many years of managing a PAMM account, where my funds and investors’ funds included, as well as having experience in managing completely investor accounts. These are different experiences and different psychology. Profit and loss are perceived from different angles and a fund manager needs to have an anchor of experience in managing own funds in order to remain confidently on thir feet.
I started my trading way with $2,000, which I lost on my first trading experience, and it took 15 years to go from $2,000 to $20,000,000. But still, even with such a solid experience, when I could only manage investor funds, more than 50% of the account balance is my personal funds. This is my management and self-control strategy, this is the foundation that was the beginning of LUX and it adds confidence to me.

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