The truth about investing as it is

LUX PAMM account investing

The truth about investing as it is:

For most forex traders and investors, an average monthly return of 5% is an acceptable option for passive income, where you can afford to withdraw some of the profits and accumulate compound interest.
The math is that if you invest $10,000 in a fund with a 5% return, you’ll get your $500 in a month. Not bad, really. Moreover, it does not require any effort.
It is very rare where a business proposal is capable of producing such a result from the start. A startup that has become mega-popular and has multiplied investor funds several times can compete with this. But at the same time, investing in a startup is a much bigger risk than investing in a trading account, because the facts say that 90% of startups fail, with 20% failing in the first year. Yes, big returns require big risks.

Now imagine that there is an opportunity to participate in a fund that currently brings more than 10% per month and has been trading for 3.5 years. This is a unique offer with passive income that does not require any effort from the investor. After 3 years of active trading and making profit is the best time to join, because this is a mature trading system that has already passed the stage of formation and is starting to gain momentum with a constant stable trading result.
I’m talking about the PAMM account that I manage and the LUX trading system, which was specially developed to manage an investment account.

  • Profitability of 10% per month is $ 1,000 with an investment of 10,000.
  • Profitability of 10% per month is a 100% return for 8 months with the accumulation of compound interest. If you invest $100,000 now, then in May 2023 you will have $200,000.
  • By investing in a PAMM account, you can do your usual business, work, trade on your own account, or simply receive passive income and spend it.

Passive income is about new opportunities and expanding the boundaries that financial dependence creates.

Become financial free now and join to the PAMM account I manage by investing just from $3000

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