Euro Dollar growth this week

Euro Dolar growth this week

EUR/USD trading talks September 09

I will continue to monitor the Euro/Dollar major and keep you updated on my trades.
A fairly positive week for the Euro dollar, which allowed it to get above 1.0000 and even gave hope for further growth. Let’s see why I think so.

The first clear sign is an uptrend on the hourly chart with a clear channel. Despite this, the MACD on the hourly chart shows selling, which means that the short-term forecast is a fall. I believe that today we can expect a price decline and a continuation of the correction within the trend on the hourly chart. Even a decline to the key level of 1.0000 is likely, near which the EMA 100 and EMA 200 are now located.
The four-hour chart allows to analyse wider, so here the EMA 100 has already been passed at 1.00130, and only 1.00820 EMA 200 key level is above, which was falsely broken this morning. Continuation of the uptrend will mean a clear break of EMA 200 and growth to 1.01135 and a stronger area of 1.01500.
In order to see the key levels in the long term, I need to look at the daily chart, where is the downward MACD divergence, which means further growth, which confirms the current corrective trend. Key levels in case of growth will be 1.02750 and 1.03500 (EMA 100 Daily), but they should be confirmed on the four-hour chart. The daily chart confirms further growth, but my opinion is that this growth may be delayed and after the current short-term trend reverses, the price will continue to move below 1.0000.