BTC correction and key levels

BTCUSD Overview

Bitcoin predictably continued to rise, after the necessary correction in an uptrend.
Technically, it shows a strong intentions to grow further and show new heights. The daily MACD indicates a growth, the EMA 100 stayed below $ 53,000, the recent correction after the all-time high has allowed to get out of the overbought area of ​​the RSI.
How far Bitcoin can reach, drawing new all-time highs, we will be able to observe in the next few months, until the next drawdown. In any case, this growth will not be constant and as soon as bitcoin hits technical levels (around $83,000 and $92,000), the price will form a correction. My opinion is that the key point will be when bitcoin approaches $100,000. Near this level there will be many investors willing to sell and exit the market.