Profit / Loss analysis (Oct. 29-Nov 11)

The trading profit / loss analysis on my PAMM account

Euro Dollar
Clear confirmation of MACD and EMA 100 crossing on the hourly chart. The trade closed by take profit I set above the key support 1.15130. The main disadvantage in this situation is a early exit when the clear signals to continue falling. I decided not to change the parameters of the trade and not to enter the market again, accepting the profit that had already been fixed.

Pound Dollar
1. Unconfirmed 100 EMA on 1 hour chart, and clear MACD crossing (finally EMA levels were passed and confirmed the direction). But the take profit was set above the support level 1.37120, so I could not get the maximum profit, at least up to 1.36700.

2. The situation is similar as for the euro dollar. These trades were opened at the same time and were traded using similar parameters.

Thus, these trades show inaccuracy that affects profits.
Exiting a profit trade early is a similar mistake as closing a losing trade late.
But this idea requires more attention, so I would expand on it in more detail later. If you have any thoughts, I will be glad to discuss.