Take profit is often underestimated.

Take Profit is just as important as Stop Loss in Forex trading.

Take profit is often underestimated. Many traders believe that Take profit is an optional tool that can be disregarded. The widespread opinion is also that an important pending order is only a stop loss, which protects against losses.

But this vision is absolutely wrong.
Let’s see why, but this is purely my opinion, if you want to discuss, then I’m always happy to talk.

The very first thing I would like to point out is that I don’t always put stop loss and take profit. I clearly identify the possible risks in case of false market fluctuations, and avoid early closing of transactions.  
A correctly set stop loss and take profit, is an important indicator of a correct analysis of risks and market conditions.
Take profit is not just an imaginary amount of profit that you would like to make. This should be an objectively supported level of maximum profit, taking into account all possible risks, under various scenarios.
An incorrectly set take profit or its absence at the right moment can lead to either partial or complete loss of profit, which is equivalent to a loss. That is why setting take profit is just as important as stop loss for correct trading.
I use the method of determining key levels to set stop loss and take profit. This helps me to more accurately determine the moment when the price will be influenced by resistance or support and exit the market in time.
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