PAMM: trader’s view

What is PAMM account management and trading from trader's point of view.

As you know, I am a forex trader. I manage a PAMM account with a total balance of $1,898,262.88 that includes (42%) $795,110.09 investor funds.
From an observer, this may seem like a simple process of trading with investment assets, but once you start to learn more, you will realize how difficult it is.
Firstly, responsibility for the result of trading. Before the LUX trading system was connected to the PAMM system, it went through a long way of testing and improvement, and even now my trading system is going through constant analysis and updates. The trading process is only 50% of the total volume of work. The second part is communication with investors, social coverage expanding, work with partners, and also analyse news, new marketing and trading ideas. And despite the fact that I have a team that does part of the work (appreciate), I still have to control the work of everyone who participates in various processes.
Individual features of trading is a special item for discussion. Because money management requires a professional approach and cannot be carried out without a trading plan, trading rules and analysis of trading results. I take every mistake as a lesson and a chance to find a bug that could have worse consequences than just a losing trade.

Psychological stability is the main line of security. My condition is reflected in trading like in a mirror and I must minimize the impact of a bad mood or any problems on trading. Working inside your own mind helps to correctly allocate time within the day and build a trading plan.
I wrote about the importance of the work schedule earlier in the section “What can change your trading”.

And I like my job. It absorbs me completely and I feel very comfortable in the flow of events, numbers and graphs. I am ready to devote my time and resources to trading and money management and would be happy to find like-minded people who are willing to participate with me as investors or partners.


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