Euro US Dollar trend reversal impulse

Trend reversal EUR USD

EUR/USD trading talks January 30

Euro Dollar finally passed the level of 1.08600 and continues to fall, approaching the local support of 1.08430, which makes it possible to consider 2 possible scenarios:

  1. break through the current support level with the decline to EMA 100 on the four-hour chart and the key level 1.07900. On the four-hour MACD, I would mark the position of the signal line and a possible transition to the negative values area. On the daily MACD the crossing of the signal line is clearly visible which indicates a fall.
  2. return to a horizontal corrective trend or short-term growth with breaching 1.08600 (EMA 200 hourly) as a resistance level. This will make it possible to consider the probability of returning to a local uptrend. At the moment, I would consider a massive increase and a return to the trend as an unlikely option.

I have not entered the market for now and I’m waiting for a clearer signals and interaction with marker levels.

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