Bitcoin looks quite confident now

Bitcoin looks quite confident now about its further growth

BTC/USD trading talks April 19

Bitcoin looks quite confident now about its further growth. I would clarify that the small momentum from 27k to above 30k opened new medium-term prospects for Bitcoin. The level of 25000 was the initial signal, because the EMA 200 line on the weekly chart was crossed exactly at this price. Now, the 30000 level has been passed and the EMA 100 line has been crossed on the weekly chart. At the same time, I see a transition to positive MACD values, which may be the beginning of a more intensive growth to the level of 35k, which is a key historical level. As for the rise to the 48-50k level, I believe that this level should be considered with some caution, as it will provide strong resistance and possibly become a key level for a temporary or even deep correction back to values around 30k.
There is a slight divergence on the 4-hour chart, and a preliminary sell signal, so I assume that there will be a short-term correction before a possible upside impulse. This can also be noted from the RSI position, near 70 on the daily and weekly charts.
As for my opinion on the long-term future of bitcoin, I will clarify that I see it in a sufficiently promising position.

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