What can change your trading? Part 2

Trading notes

In addition to the trading history in the trading terminal, I offer an additional method of recordings that will help you find errors, analyze trading and psychology faster and better.

Make notes of your trade in a special file or note book. These can be different comments before, during and after trading:

  •  brief analysis of the current market
  •  description of your emotions
  •  ideas and experiments

and this is just the beginning of the list, and for everyone it can be individual.
Thus, you will train your mind to respond more effectively to the trading process. Your concentration will increase and space for new ideas will be provided, you will be able to find fails faster, using not only your trading history, but also comments in your note book.

Try to help your neurons to form stronger connections, and use colours for different types of recordings, mark your progress with the rewarding colour you like. Use music as an extra level of trading immersion. Let music be a trigger for the brain that it is time for maximum concentration.

Keep your records for an archive so that after a year, two, three, you can analyse your trading results in the long term.