What can change your trading? Part 3

Daily schedule

Your every day discipline is your discipline while trading. If you cannot stick to the basic rules of your schedule and daily responsibilities, then it will be very difficult for you to start craving it in trading.

I won’t say much about how discipline is important to trading. You already know all of these arguments and have heard them many times. So I’ll just say that profit is directly proportional to discipline.

Plan your day ahead, considering the news schedule and follow it in advance. Choose comfortable trading sessions, or if the desired session does not coincide with your time zone, then plan your day based on the fact that you should adjust your sleep and work hours.
I understand that mode of life (especially if you are a family man) makes its adjustments and you cannot completely control your day. But nevertheless, you need to be as precise as possible on your schedule.
What should be important to you:

  • family and your mutual time (without them you wouldn’t be who you are, so respect your shared time)
  • sleep time (rest as much as necessary for your brain to work correctly, no more and no less)
  • organization of leisure (your hobbies, communication with friends and just watching Netflix is your reset button. Sometimes your brain needs to change the object of attention)
  • trading time is the time of maximum concentration (use different techniques to train the brain (music, solitude office, meditation, aromas, etc.)

When the daily plan becomes your habit, you will automatically strive for structuring and maximum control of the situation while trading.